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How to determine CAI/PT ODBC [Open Database Connectivity] version by product versions and patch levels of CA SCM


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



The CA SCM server connects to database via CAI/PT ODBC in UNIX/LINUX and may have different CAI/PT ODBC versions depending upon the patch level and CA SCM product release version. It is important to ensure that we have corresponding versions of CAI/PT ODBC.


We can check following in CA SCM [Formerly Harvest] server:


All UNIX/LINUX has the version information in $ODBC_HOME/version_rls.txt and following are the exact info

    SOLARIS                rls v3.11 2007/02/01 19:48 SOL 
    HP PA                  rls v3.11 2007/02/01 21:15 HP11 
    HP IA                  rls v3.11 2007/02/01 18:39 HPITAN 
    AIX                    rls v3.11 2007/02/02 20:53 AIX42 
    LINUX                  rls v3.11 2007/02/02 20:10 Linux-Intel 

NOTE: Windows will use native ORACLE/MSSQL driver in R12.0

In r7.1 p2/sp1/sp2

    SOLARIS                rls v3.11 2006/06/08 20:20 SOL 
    HP PA                  rls v3.11 2006/06/08 23:36 HP11 
    HP IA                  rls v3.11 2006/06/09 12:36 HPITAN 
    AIX                    rls v3.11 2006/06/09 17:03 AIX42 
    LINUX                  rls v3.11 2006/06/09 16:26 Linux-Intel 

In Windows %RTHOME%\vrsn_rls.txt rls v3.11 2006/04/21 18:43 for oracle [MSSQL use Native driver]


  1. In UNIX/LINUX if ODBC_HOME is not defined then check script like hserver in HARVETHOME[in r7.1] or CA_SCM_HOME [in r12.0] and look for entry that sources for example see below

    . more $HARVESTHOME/bin/hserver [the path can be user defined]

    Once you source it will show $ODBC_HOME

  2. Later version of ODBC have worked fine with older version of CA SCM.

  3. Sql Server and Ingres use native odbc driver in r 7.1xx.

  4. r7.1 GA version would show -> rls v3.11 2004/mm/dd [where mm/dd may differ by several days]

  5. r 7.1 P1 version would show ->rls v3.11 2006/04//dd [where dd may differs by several days]


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