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CDM probe reports incorrect usage stats for a Linux host


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


CDM probe reports disk usage stats of:

Total 5549MB  
Used 300MB  
Avail 5249MB  


df -h on the Linux host reports

Total 5.5G 
Used 13MB 
Avail  5.2G 

The Used figures reported by the probe are not correct according to the figures reported by df -h


RHEL 6.x


Unix systems report disk available to users instead of disk available to system/root user. Because Unix systems typically reserve a percentage of the disk for system use. 


The cdm probe has a raw config option “use_systemspace” which by default in set to no. Use_systemspace = no, means the system space will not be included in Free disk space shown by probe and vice versa. 

This may cause the information displayed by CDM probe to differ from that displayed by the 'df -h' command. This can be overridden by using key 'use_systemspace=yes' in the disk section of the config file. This flag does not have any effect on Windows systems.