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When migrating Service Desk from r11.2 to r12, the error "...acctype_v2 table does not exist..." appears.


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When running Migration program, the Migration Error "A problem has been detected in the migration process..." pops up and the Migration Status shows:

Fixing NX.env file...
The acctyp_v2 table does not exist on the mdb
The remote mdb must be updated before running the migration.
When ready, please launch c:\USD\bin\migrate_to_r12.vbs to return migration.


If the SQL server is running on a remote server, the migration error could be caused by a number of conditions. Please review the following checklist as a list of possible causes:

  1. Check if the CA MDB has been SQLCheckr12UniqueIndexes.sql has been run on the Remote database server. Make sure there are 0 duplicates.

  2. Check that the user account used for the migration is a local administrator account NOT a domain account.

  3. Check that the database user for configuring SQL is NOT "sa". In order to check the userid used, run pdm_configure on the r11.2 application server and check what userid is specified as the Database Userid.

  4. Check that the user for configuring SQL has their default database set to MDB. On SQL server, go to Security > Logins > ServiceDesk (or the user defined as Database Userid during pdm_configure on R11.2 in the past). Then, right click the user name to select properties. It brings up the Login Properties of the user ID. The Default database should be MDB, not master.

  5. Check that the NX_DB_NODE parameter in NX.env located in the Service Desk installation folder is pointing to the hostname of your SQL server instalation.


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