How do we remove the "None" priority?
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How do we remove the "None" priority?


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This document provides a way to get rid of the "None" priority of Service Desk so it will not display when a ticket is created or modified.


Please note the following procedure will break the Priority Calculation Matrix.

  1. Backup the Service Desk MDB

  2. From Service Desk primary server, run:

    pdm_extract Priority > sdpri.txt

    and open the output file sdpri.txt and change the "del" field value for "none" priority from "0" to "1" and save the change.
    Then load it back to MDB to change this field for "None" priority:
    pdm_load -f sdpri.txt

  3. Create a new file in Service-Desk-install-directory\\site\mods\majic called z_pri.mod with these lines:

    MODIFY iss priority { ON_NEW DEFAULT '<empty>' ; } ;
    MODIFY chg priority { ON_NEW DEFAULT '<empty>' ; } ;
    MODIFY cr priority { ON_NEW DEFAULT '<empty>' ; } ;

    //Place some white space or carriage return at the bottom of the file

  4. Recycle Service Desk

    Now, when you create a new ticket, the "Priority" field display "<empty>" and the user would need to pick a
    priority from the dropdown, where "None" is not present anymore.

    If the user does not choose a priority a message "Priority is required" will display when the user tries to save the ticket and then the user would
    need to select a priority and save the ticket.


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