Different Stores used in SiteMinder R12
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Different Stores used in SiteMinder R12


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Can you please explain the stores used in SiteMinder R12?


SiteMinder R12 has the following stores:

  1. Stores required by Policy Server:

    Policy Store:

    The policy store contains all of the Policy Server data. You can configure a policy store in a supported LDAP or relational database.

    eXtended Policy Store (XPS):

    This is an extension of the Policy Store and it was introduced to support the new R12 features. Policy Store and XPS must be in the same LDAP server or relational database.

    Audit Store:

    You can store audit information in either a relational database or a text file. After you install the Policy Server, audit logging is set to a text file and not to ODBC by default.

    Session Server Store:

    The Session Store contains information about persistent sessions, some SiteMinder features requires the use of the Session Store like Federation Secure Services. You can configure a session store only in a supported relational database.

  2. Stores required by WAM UI:

    Object Store:

    The Administrative UI (WAM UI) is an asynchronous application that is event and task-based. The object store stores this information. You configure an object store in either a MS SQL Server or Oracle database.

    Administrative User Store:

    The Administrative UI (WAM UI) authenticates SiteMinder administrator accounts using the administrator user store. All of your administrator accounts must be stored in a single administrator user store. You configure an administrator user store in a supported LDAP directory server or ODBC database when installing the Administrative UI (WAM UI).

  3. Stores Required by Report Server:

    Report Store:

    SiteMinder Report Server uses Business Objects XI as engine which requires a database. The Report Server and audit database are required to run audit-based reports.

For information related to the supported relational databases and LDAP directory servers, please check the SiteMinder Support Matrix available at support.ca.com.


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