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Error "LDAP_Agent not enabled" when doing Create New Contact from LDAP.


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Even though LDAP settings appear correct, and pdm_ldap_test appears to run successfully, the ServiceDesk administrator is unable to run the Create New Contact from LDAP function. The error message "LDAP_Agent not enabled" appears, and the contact is not created.


There are a few reasons why pdm_ldap_test can run successfully, but the ServiceDesk application is unable to execute any LDAP functions.

This happens when during startup, ServiceDesk detected inconsistencies in the LDAP option settings, and may have disabled the LDAP agent(s). Messages to that effect will appear in your stdlog files (look for "LDAP agent disabled").

In particular, the following settings should be checked.

  • ldap_group_object_class; this option should be set and installed, if the option ldap_enable_groups is also installed.

  • ldap_default_tenant; this option should be given a value and installed, if you are using multi-tenancy.  Multi-tenancy is set in Options Manager, Security. If you set it to "Setup" or "on", then you must define ldap_default_tenant.

Failure to follow either of the above rules will cause the "LDAP_Agent not enabled" error.


Component: ARGIS