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Error in DRASLOG DSN of DRAS task of: DRAS_RepositoryConnect ended for client(<Server>/<UserID>) conid(<n>), status = 5


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CAHFSPT002I DRAS RepositoryConnect ended for client (#XXX999/yyyyyy) conid(1), status = 5, is displayed in the CA DRAS sysout when trying to connect from CA Output Management Web Viewer to a CA VIEW 2.0 repository.

In order for this or any detailed diagnostic messages to be displayed in the DRASLOG the DRAS Configuration parameter for 'Message Suppression' must be set to (OFF) in the DRASCFG file. This error would occur when attempting to log into a remote repository using the CA Web Viewer application for the first time.


In most cases, this status return code indicates that the CHA2005 SYSMOD has not been installed or that DRAS was not accepted prior to doing the SMP/E APPLY. Follow these steps to correct the problem.

A new SYSMOD, CHA2005, has been added at the Unicenter CA-View 2.0 Genlevel 0501 SP9 maintenance level. CA VIEW Service level 0 5 01 is the minimum level for running Unicenter CA-View 2.0 with Unicenter CA-DRAS r11.

Use the following steps to install:

  1. Ensure that you have accepted Unicenter CA-DRAS r11. The distribution libraries are needed by CHA2005 and must be populated.

  2. Customize and run the HA20LTS job provided in the Unicenter CA-View 2.0 SAMPJCL dataset beginning with Genlevel 0501 SP9.

  3. Update your Unicenter CA-View 2.0 SMP/E cataloged procedure CAIHA20, by adding this DD statement: //SMPLTS DD DISP=OLD, DSN=CAI.SMPLTS SMPLTS

  4. Install the new CHA2005 SYSMOD by using the appropriate JCL for your environment supplied in the SAMPJCL library on the CA-View 0501 SP9 product cartridge.


Component: DRAS