Providing a link to a knowledge document that bypasses the login screen, for anonymous or guest users.
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Providing a link to a knowledge document that bypasses the login screen, for anonymous or guest users.


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How to allow a link to a knowledge document so that anonymous/guest users can access it without having to go through a login screen.


  1. Create a Role "ktanon," an Access Type "ktanon" and a contact "ktanon" this is so that we can give access to only the knowledge documents.

    You may choose different names for your own system.

    1. Create Role "ktanon."

      Administration > Security and Role Management > Role Management > Role List, Create New

      Role Name: ktanon
      Code: ktanon

      Authorization tab:
      Grant Level: none

      Function Access tab:
      Set all to "None"

      Web Interface:
      Web User Interface Type: Customer
      Web Initial Form: menu_frames_role.htmpl

      Optionally, you may create a custom form which has a more friendly message, see step 4.

      Knowledge Tools tab:
      All unchecked

      KT Document Visibility
      Published - before Start Date Allowed checked
      Everything else unchecked or empty

    2. Create Access Type "ktanon"

      Administration > Security and Role Management > Access Types, Create New

      Symbol: ktanon
      Record Status: Active
      Access Level: Cust/Emp

      Web Authentication Tab:
      Validation Type: Open-always allow access

      Roles tab:
      Update Roles and add only "ktanon" role.

    3. Create contact "ktanon"

      Service Desk tab, File > New Contact...

      last name: ktanon
      System login: ktanon
      contact type: guest
      Access type: ktanon

  2. Try logging in to Service Desk as ktanon, unless you are using a custom Web Initial Form (see step 1) you should get:

    There are no tabs defined for your current role.
    Contact your administrator for assistance.

    This is the desired result. The contact ktanon should not have access to anything except public KT documents, in our scenario.

  3. To access a knowledge document directly use the following URL replacing xxxxxx with the ID of the knowledge document.



Component: ARGIS