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Delete/Reload DEFAULT RULESETS with the ssid1025 job in the Highlevel.Control library.


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Job sssid1025 in the Highlevel.Control library loads and reloads PPA rules tables for the current release of DB2. Why does this job delete all the defaults from @DFLT130' to @DFLT910' (9 rules) but, reloads only @DFLT710', @DFLT810'and @DFLT910' (3 rules)?


Job sssid1025 must be run for both install upgrades and maintenance upgrades. It replaces the static rules table PTPS_ES_RU2RE_0107 and deletes/reloads the shipped(internal) default rulesets for each version of DB2. It reloads only @DFLT710', @DFLT810'and @DFLT910' because these are the three releases supported by IBM. PPADB2 can no longer support those old versions of DB2. The job can be run at any time and any number of times. PPA checks for these rules during the Explain process. More details can be found in Chapter 6 of the Implementation Guide under the subheading of Plan Analyzer.


Component: PPADB2