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Is XCOM.GLB parameter STAT_FREQUENCY= expressed (defined) in seconds?


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To explain the unit used when defining a value for the XCOM.GLB parm STAT_FREQUENCY


No, STAT_FREQUENCY is not in seconds.  STAT_FREQUENCY specifies the number of records (or blocks, if using packing) that are

sent/received before the queue files get updated.

A low value causes the queue files to get updated more often.  This allows the Queue Status window to get updated frequently but

also increases the contention on the queue files.

A high value causes the queue files to get updated less often and the Queue Status window may be a bit behind in displaying

the current status of a transfer.  However, this also reduces some of the contention on the queue files and can also

increase transfer performance, as the overhead of extra updates to the queue files are removed.


Component: XCPCNT


See Solution above.

Additional Information

Please see description of parm STAT_FREQUENCY here: