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Adding additional fields to the text_api.cfg file.


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This is how to define a customized field added by users as a Keyword in the file text_api.cfg.

This change works to specify data in the customized field when creating tickets by incoming emails or other data sources such as CA NSM.


  1. Open the file $NX_ROOT\site\text_api.cfg with a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, where $NX_ROOT is the Service Desk installation path.

  2. Locate the [KEYWORDS] section and add the field you want to add.

    NOTE: The keywords must be in upper case.

    e.g. If you want to add a column 'zCustomer_ID', the Keyword should be:
         REQUEST.ZHELPDESK_ID=zHelpdesk_ID.(Output Type).(Method)
    Please refer to Administration Guide - Chapter 10 Create Objects Using Text API for more details of Conversion Method.

  3. Locate [EMAIL_DEFAULTS] and specify a value for the added column.
         e.g. REQUEST.ZHELPDESK_ID=(Default value you want to specify )
  4. Save it and recycle Service Desk.


Release: CACMDB99000-11.1-CMDB