How do I setup TPX for SMF Logging?
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How do I setup TPX for SMF Logging?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


The parameter "SMF Record Number", specifies the record number for SMF logging. It is found in the Operational Parameter section of the SMRT table.

To setup TPX for SMF logging,

  1. TPX must be APF-Authorized for performance data to be written to the SMF dataset.
  2. Specify a number between 128-255 to log SMF records and restart TPX.

If you specify a non-zero value and set the SMF logging interval to zero, TPX will write start-up, shutdown, and session start/stop SMF records, but WILL NOT write interval records

  • To set the SMF logging interval, it is located in the Timing Parameters of the the SMRT table.

  • To suppress SMF logging, set the SMF Record Number to zero and restart TPX. If you change the SMF record number to zero after start-up and then reload the SMRT, TPX continues to write records to the SMF log with a record number of zero.


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