S40D-10 abends in QuickFetch.
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S40D-10 abends in QuickFetch.


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Some clients might experience intermittent S40D-10 abends in QuickFetch.


S40D-10 means no storage was available in either the local system queue area (LSQA) or the extended local system queue area (ELSQA) for the RTM2WA.

Typically, the resolution to this appears to revolve around suitable values for REGION and MSLIMIT, and the IEFUSI exit. Please refer to the QuickFetch Getting Started Guide, and Systems Programmer Guide, for information about those items.

Appearances of the QFS451 message with CODE=4 may also indicate that a problem is brewing with the REGION size being too small, so it is worth checking to see if they have been appearing.

Probably increasing REGION will resolve this problem.

If the problem persists however, then continue diagnosis with virtual storage manager (VSM) to determine why there is not enough ELSQA available. If the problem cannot be determined, then search other problem reporting data bases for a fix for the problem. If no fix exists, contact the component group for VSM at the IBM Support Centre.


Component: QF