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How to Stop IPv6 Stats Collection.


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How do I globally disable IPv6 Stats collection? 


6.3.2x6.3.3.xSolaris LinuxWindows


OPTION 1 -Create a DCI rule that excludes IPv6 stats.

The DCI rule will filter out all elements with IPv6 stats. Just associate the DCI rule to the following two element types: 

  • "IP Router IPv6 Stats" 
  • "IP System IPv6 Stats" 


You can do this by adding the below syntax to the .arf file of the DCI rule. Make sure that the policy being used has the DCI Rule selected.

name matches ".*" and 
isElementSubtype (elementType(), "ipRouterIpv6Stats") : 
name matches ".*" and 
isElementSubtype (elementType(), "ipSystemIpv6Stats") : 

OPTION 2- Delete elements with IPv6 stats

First get a list of the IPv6 stats elements that has already been discovered. Verify the list, and then delete them.

Run the following commands to get the list of IPv6 stats elements to a text document:

·       nhListElements -elemType ipSystemIpv6Stats -outFile system6.txt 

·       nhListElements -elemType ipRouterIpv6Stats -outFile router6.txt 


Verify that the contents of the two text files are correct, then run the following command when you are ready to delete the elements: 

·       nhDeleteElements -inFile router6.txt 

·       nhDeleteElements -inFile system6.txt 



OPTION 3- Discover the elements, but do not poll them: 
nhModifyElements -inFile <fileName> -fieldName poll -value No 


Additional Information

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