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Is there a scenario when the configuration parameter "multi-write-group-credits" won't apply?


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Multi-write-group-credits is a configuration parameter that allows you to apply flow control upon the replication behavior of multi-write group DSA's. There is only one scenario where the setting will be used. This tech-doc details that scenario.


If you are running a directory backbone with multiple multi-write groups that are configured with the parameter "set multi-write-group-credits=nnn", then there is a scenario where they will no longer apply. If a "site" disappears from the backbone (e.g. network fault, all multi-write group DSA's for a site are stopped), the parameter "set multi-write-group-credits=nnn) will no longer apply.

The "set multi-write-group-credits=nnn" parameter will only apply when a multi-write queue has a status of "OK" (and not "recovering") e.g. when the multi-write DSA's are replicating normally.

If any multi-write queue switches to "failed" when a link drop is detected, then items will be queued as normal multi-write.


Component: ETRDIR