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What are the recommendations and best practices for reports based on a Universe?


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This document provides the recommendations and best practices for BOXI reports based on Universe. This applies to all CA ServiceDesk reports using CA ServiceDesk universe.


The following are the recommendations of Business Objects for reports based on CA ServiceDesk Universe:

  1. Business Objects does not recommend scheduling universe reports. If you schedule a report based on a universe, any user with rights to view the scheduled report may be able to see the saved data. The universe's user security settings are not supported on the saved data of a scheduled report.

  2. The connection between a universe report and universe is the CUID-which is a unique identifier in our Crystal Management Server (CMS). Should the CUID change by any process, the saved data for the reports based on that universe will be discarded and the reports will not be able to refresh. When moving universes between CMS's it is recommended to use Business Objects Import Wizard. It will preserve the original CUID of the universe.

  3. When a universe changes, reports based off that universe need to be validated the next time they are opened. If there is no change to the data in the report, the report will open as before. However, if the data has become invalid the report will first need to be fixed before it can be used. Depending on the change this can be done either by refreshing the report or re-editing the query.

  4. The saved data in a report based on a universe is not secure if the report is unmanaged. If a report based on a universe is saved with saved data and is then opened in a previous version of Crystal Reports, the saved data will not be discarded.

  5. If you get a connection error when refreshing a report the universe may have changed in ways that make the query definition in the report unusable (for instance, a nested prompt has been introduced). To fix the report you will need to re-edit the query.


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