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Steps to install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 on a restored DSM mdb from another server.


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Steps to install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 on a restored DSM mdb from another server.

  1. Since some of the tables are owned by the "caitrm" user, a login for this user must be created on the new server where the mdb is being restored.
    On a restore of a sql server database created by DSM, the "caitrm" user account in the database has no login account on the server. This is a common occurrence whenever you move a SQL mdb created by DSM from one server to another.

    Create a login on the new server for the "caitrm" user in the restored mdb database.
    Creation of the "caitrm" user can be done through SQL Server Management Studio or the sp_ addlogin stored procedure. For example, for the caitrm user in the database, create a new login on the server called "caitrm".
    Link the existing user to the new login. This is done with "sp_change_users_login" stored procedure in a SQL query window. The syntax is as follows:
    sp_change_users_login "update_one", caitrm

  2. Run the Unicenter asset Portfolio management Optional Components and select the check boxes to create the UAPM users and apply the mdb patches.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

    Note: The uapmadmin, uapmbatch, and uapmreporting users are created and the correct mdb permission granted from the Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management Optional Components by choosing the MS SQL Server MDB UAPM users. This option is needed when another application has created the mdb and the UAPM users do not exist.

  3. Check the batchlog.log located in C:\Documents and Settings\<userlogin>\Local settings\Temp\CA_Unicenter_APM_Optional_Components_<date_time> for any errors

  4. Install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management

  5. Run the Data Base Utility from Start->Programs->CA->Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management->Database Utility to initialize the UAPM tables.
    Note: You must be logged in to the machine where you are running the Database Utility as someone who is a member of the SQL Server System Administrators role)

  6. Upgrade the UAPM 11.3 mdb to 11.3.4 by running the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility
    (Start->Programs->CA->Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management-> the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility)


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