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Receiving message TT570E Control file allocate failed with code S99RSC = 035C0002 when attempting to use CA Thread Terminator for DB2 for z/OS.


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When entering CA Thread Terminator for DB2 for z/OS (PTT) the following error message is returned:

TT570E: Control file allocate failed; S99RSC = 035C0002

What is causing this error and how can it be corrected?


If you receive message TT570E it indicates either the control file does not exist in dataset highlvl.PXMPARM member TTCFPARM or incorrect datasets are being used.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Make sure correct datasets are being used for the online session.

  2. Verify that all the required / recommended steps from Post Install were done for PTT.

    Those steps from the Post Install Product Specific Customization task option for PTT are:
      (Recommended) 1. Customization Information       (Required)    2. Create PTT Control File       (Required)    3. Customize PTT Startup Options -> PXMPARM(PTTSTART)       (Recommended) 4. Customize PTT Authorization Options -> PXMPARM(PTTAUTH)       (Optional)    5. Create Sample Schedules -> PXMPARM(PTTSCHED)       (Optional)    6. Create Sample JCL for Terminating Threads -> SRCLIB(PTTTERM)       (Optional)    7. Create Sample JCL for Updating ZPARMS -> SRCLIB(PTTBATCH)

Recycle the Xmanager started task if it has not been recycled since these steps were done. If Xmanager has been recycled delete the control file and issue the command TTCF from the Thread Terminator Main Menu to create this file.


Component: PTT