IOU006E OUTPUT MODULE TOO LARGE TO PROCESS logging into production in CCF.
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IOU006E OUTPUT MODULE TOO LARGE TO PROCESS logging into production in CCF.


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL Librarian CA 2E



Getting IOU006E module to large to process on a master file that is block to its largest and has no arclevels. This file is the CCF system master file.


Normally can expand the blksize of the master file or delete some of the arclevels. But since the master is blocked to its largest and there are no arclevels these steps cannot be followed.

At some point the workorder should be closed in CCF instead of just adding more members to it.

To proceed with this member.

  1. Execute Libedit of the workorder that is stored in the sysmast.
    Deleteing 4 lines per entry for the module they need to process.
    Cleaning up all the records on that member.

  2. Libedit on the mtrcntl0 member deleting 4 lines of entry of that same module.

  3. Opening up a new work order have the manager assign the work order to the programmer. Or use another exisitng work order that is not so large.

  4. Have the programmer in option 4 logout the member from production make the updates and make sure no resequencing is being done.

  5. Programmer then can go to option 5 login. ***

Refer to TEC448242 document on how to increase the block size for your Librarian Master File.


Release: LIB-AM00100-4.1-Librarian-Access Method