How do I add lost Installation records into the MDB manually?
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How do I add lost Installation records into the MDB manually?


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One of the agents got deleted accidentally from the DSM Explorer.
It was re-registered again by running a USD job check on the agent. The machine re-appeared under 'All Computers' but the installation records are missing.
I know the packages that were installed on the agent. Is there a way to add the install records manually?


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The only way to add an installation record is to use the sd_acmd addinstallrecord command on the agent.
Create a software delivery using a batch file containing the sd_acmd commands and deploy it to the agent.

sd_acmd AddInstallRecord { <item> <version> <procedure> <date> | current <time> | current <orderedby> <comment> [<target>]}

Syntax: sd_acmd addinstallrecord "Item" "version" "procedure" "date"|current "time"|current "orderedby" "comment"

Note: "date"|current - either you can specify the date in the quotes or you can use the current parameter which will fetch the current system date. The same applies for "time"|current.

Ex: sd_acmd addinstallrecord "Adobe Acrobat Reader" "5.0" "Setup" current current "Administrator" "Adding Adobe Information".

Execution of this command adds the information in file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\CONF\detfile.swd.
This file is processed by SD Agent and send to the scalability server.
Wait next execution of SD Agent or execute it manually with :
caf start sdagent