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"Cache Distributed" option in CSA


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What does the "Cache Distributed" option on the Application page in the Clarity System Administration (CSA) application do? When should it be used?


Clarity 15.9.2 and supported releases.


When this feature is turned ON, it stores the session information in the database instead of the cache for the individual application server. The "Cache Distributed" option will only show on the Application page if the Distributed option is checked.

We strongly recommend that you use Session Affinity (or Sticky Sessions) in your load-balancer instead of the cache distributed option. Turning on the "Cache Distributed" option can cause a heavy performance hit because every request for a server will create two hits to the database (a read and a write). This performance gets worse with larger numbers of users and when users are logged in for longer periods of time.

The Cache Distributed option should be unchecked and you should instead use Session Affinity or Sticky Sessions on the Load Balancer unless this option has been recommended by Broadcom Services or Support representatives.