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New support for separator/banner page print options has been added to CA Spool for TCP/IP printers.


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We added new special banner page print options for TCP/IP printers that can be specified on a DEFNODE or NODE parameter as SEPOPT.



This parameter specifies special banner page print options for TCP/IP printers. To turn on the support you need to specify SEP=2 or higher to print banner pages. See Customization Guide, Chapter 3: Initialization: Printer Node Parameters; for full description of SEP node parameter.

Note: if you specify SEP=0 with any SEPOPT node parameter the banner page print option will not be invoked and no banner pages will be printed.

Note: that this parameter may be specified multiple times for the same printer node.

The valid values for SEPOPT are:


The banner page generated will be suitable for landscape printing, with respect to the number of lines. The content of the banner page will be identical to the standard banner page, but it will have fewer blank lines.


The banner page generated will not be translated from EBCDIC to ASCII, and will be printable on some LCDS Xerox printers.


The JES JOBID will be used on the banner page, instead of the normally used, CA Spool File number.


A banner page will be generated only for Initial file prints; no banner page will be generated for file Reprints, Restarts, or Partial prints. The banner pages for Newcopy and Browse Partial Print requests will not be bypassed.


Banner page print lines will have a syntax that will allow them to be printed on LCDS printers. In some cases, it can be necessary to specify both SEPOPT=2 and SEPOPT=5 to print banner pages on LCDS printers.


The first 20 characters of the OUTPUT Statement Preferred Name field will be placed on the TCP/IP banner page after the Programmer Name line.


Will cause the PJL resources from PJLLIB that match FORM, FCB and CHARS to be sent before the separator page.


Will format separator for BARR devices. It will add a two byte length prefix to each line of the separator pages when the first four characters of TCPDRIV are BARR (TCPDRIV=BARR).

Example ESFPARM statement specifying new node parameter SEPOPT:

    SEPOPT=1 through SEPOPT=5 support is added with APAR #: QO77969   
    See PDC #:   QI77986   
    Also apply APAR #: QO84779 for SEPOPT=3 correction. 
    SEPOPT=6 support is added with APAR #: QO84246 
    See PDC #:   QI84787 
    SEPOPT=7 support is added with APAR #: RO00193 
     SEPOPT=8 support is added with APAR #: RO00419 


Component: CSPOOL