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View - Using Program DBFIND to Search Multiple View Reports for a Text String.


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Program DBFIND provides the capability to search multiple reports, on DASD in a View database, for a string of characters.


Component: VIEW


It is possible to search multiple reports that reside on DASD in a View database for a string of characters using the SARSAM9 program DBFIND.

DBFIND is a program (assembled from CVDEOPTN(SARSAM9)) to demonstrate how CA-View's Database Access Method (SARSAM) can be used to retrieve specialized information from reports that are on the primary DASD of the database.

Here is JCL to run the DBFIND function:

     //STEP1      EXEC PGM=DBFIND,PARM='VIEW.DB1';     <=== Modify DB name
     //STEPLIB    DD DISP=SHR,DSN=VIEW.CAILIB          <=== Modify, if used
     //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                          
     //SYSIN      DD *                                 
     /control cards                                  

This is the Control card format:

       /FIND ID=report_id VALUE='string'


       ID       - is the Report ID to be searched.
                    It may specify a trailing wildcard(*).
                   ID=* will search all reports.

       VALUE - is the character string used to search each specified report data line.
                      Only reports which are resident on primary DASD will be searched.

NOTE: If security is implemented on the database, the user must have Read access to any report that will be searched.