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Configuring Access Control with VAS on AIX without LDAP and NIS


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Configuration of Access Control with VAS on AIX in an environment where LDAP and NIS is not configured for querying user and group information OR Avoiding the use of LADB for user and group information in absence of LDAP and NIS.


Do perform the following changes in the seos.ini file. Access Control may be required to be shutdown and startup again a couple of times.

auth_login = lam (this is only in case of AIX)

auth_login = pam (this is for Operating systems that support PAM) under_NIS_server =
Note, it is empty.
UseridResolution = system
HostResolution = ladb
ServiceResolution = ladb
GroupidResolution = system
You will also have to define vasd as a SPECIALPGM, pgmtype should be PBF, PBN and DCM.

The above will resolve the user ID and group ID with the help of 'system' and not depend upon LADB for user name resolution.


Component: SEOSU