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What does "Object #1389 has parent #1406, which does not exist" mean in the SiteMinder Policy Server log?


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I'm running SiteMinder Policy Server version R12 SP1 using Oracle as Policy/XPS store and I have the following error in the smps.log:

  [2552/3100][Tue Jun 16 2009 16:21:38][CA.XPS:EDIT0050][ERROR] Object #1396 has parent #1406, which does not exist.   [2552/3100][Tue Jun 16 2009 16:21:38][CA.XPS:XPSIO008][INFO] 1346 object(s) loaded from the Policy Store. 


The above error is because you have orphan objects in your eXtended Policy Store (XPS).

To fix inconsistencies in your XPS store you can run the XPSSweeper utility, however the above messages may remain.

Since your XPS is in an Oracle Database you may need to delete the above objects as follows:

  1. Double check and confirm that the parent object does not exist:
      SELECT * FROM XPSOBJECT   WHERE obnumber IN (1406); 
  2. Delete the orphan object:
      DELETE R12PSLMVM05.XPSOBJECT   WHERE obnumber = 1396;   COMMIT; 
  3. Run XPSSweeper and restart your policy Server.


Component: SMPLC