SiteMinder Registry keys for ODBC.
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SiteMinder Registry keys for ODBC.


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Customer is requesting a list the of registry keys implemented by SiteMinder Policy Server for the ODBC layer.


There are several registry settings associated with a database connection. These setting are located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Netegrity\SiteMinder\CurrentVersion\Database

A description follows:


It represents the amount of time a query will be allowed to run before it is terminated. This prevents long running queries from tying up a database connection.


It represents the amount of time that is allowed to transpire during the login process to a database during connection initialization.


This setting represents the amount of time that a connection is allowed to live. Periodically timing out a connection and reconnecting it assures that a connection will be 'fresh'


This setting represents the amount of time that a connection is allowed to execute a query before it could be consider as hung. The default is 30 seconds, but it is recommended to set to 60 seconds for heavy loads.


If this value is 1 then SiteMinder processes all database requests asynchronously. The default is asynchronous processing of all database requests


By default connections are shared. If this value is 0 then shared connections are disabled.


Specifies the maximum number of active sessions that may be allowed to a User Directory at a given time. The maximum number of connections should not be less then 5 times the number of server threads(suggested max). If the maximum is not defined in the registry then the suggested maximum is assumed. Note: for key,audit,session and token stores this setting will get overridden by the "MaxConnections".


This setting indicates to SiteMinder which dll has the necessary branding information for the DataDirect driver. By default this is sminstallapi.dll.


  1. Some registry keys are not created during the installation, but they can be added by hand.

  2. The value of ConnectionHangwaitTime should always be at leastdouble the value of QueryTimeout and LoginTimeout.


Component: SMPLC