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I have lines dividing the sections of my Eureka Report. Some of the lines are randomly darker than others. Why is this and how can I fix it?


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Random bold lines dividing sections of a report


Eureka Reporter allows you to place borders on 1 side, 2 sides, up to all 4 sides of a particular area. However, if, for example, you place a border on top of a group footer as well as on the bottom of a detail area, when that last detail area meets the group footer in your output, there will be two lines on top of each other. One from the bottom of the detail and another from the top of the group footer. This gets more complex if you are using child documents and placing borders within the child as well.

To correct this, study the output and notice that even though it seems random, the bold border lines will appear in a place where two areas meet and both areas have a border. Adjust the border settings accordingly. In our above example, taking the top border off of the group footer will still allow the line to show because there will always be a detail area above it with a bottom border.


Release: EKOBJA05200-7.2-EUREKA:Object-Admin Edition