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Compatibility and End of Life Policies for Service Desk and CMDB


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Compatibility defines what environment and configurations Service Desk and CMDB run on.

This includes the official Certification Matrices and End of Life policies.

See End of Life for products that are no longer certified versions.

Certification Matrices are available for all CA products from, Support by Product or Solution, Unicenter Service Desk (or appropriate product name), Recommended Reading and the Certification Matrix, Compatibility, End of Life or other documents located here.



Main Service Desk Certification Page

Unicenter Service Desk Certification Matrix links to all Service Desk and component versions

Service Desk Certification Links

Note that some of these products are now past their End of Life.

Service Desk r12

Service Desk 11.2

Service Desk 11.1

Service Desk 11.0

Service Desk 6.0 SP1

Service Desk 6.0

Service Desk 5.5

AHD and ServiceIT 5.0

AHD 4.0 (CMD9905) and 4.5

ServiceIT 4.31 / 4.32

End of Life and End of Service

"End of Life" or "End of Service" (the names are interchangeable) refers to the end of the CA Support life for a product, and what happens after this point.

In general, a product which has reached end of life will not have any new patches released for it, unless it is critical. If the product is older than "GA minus 1" then it may no longer have patches available from The official statements per product are available from, Support by Product or Solution, Unicenter Service Desk (or appropriate product), Product Status and a document under this section.

End-of-Service Announcement for Unicenter Service Desk, Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools and Unicenter Service Desk Dashboard r6 and r11

Unicenter Service Desk End of Service / Drop Support Dates

Also see "Contact and Support Essentials" for the Technical Support Policies.

Technical Support Policy and Terms

CA Product Lifecycle Policy (EOS and EOL)

Extended Support Policy

Working with CA Support

Software as a Service, Technical Support Policy and Terms

Options for Sites who are beyond End of Life Support Dates

See the following information from QI89042

CA's Extended Support program, formerly known as Lifeline Support, provides Customers with product technical support beyond Self-Service Support, for a CA product and/or release which has reached End of Service or End of Life.

This offering may be available to Customers for an additional fee and provides an extended period of support in cases where more time is needed to upgrade to CA's published GA releases and/or product. Please refer to our Extended Support Policy for further details.

For more information on how to purchase this level of support, please contact your local CA Office,


Release: CACMDB99000-11.1-CMDB

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