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Compile job ends abnormally with CALL PGM(*LIBL/*NONE) and error code CPD0078


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A compile error, using CA 2E version 8.7 or 8.6, of CPD0078 occurs on a call:   CALL PGM(*LIBL/*NONE).  The function appears to compile ok, but ends abnormally.  

For reference CPD0078 message details:

Message . . . . :   Value '*NONE     ' for parameter PGM not a valid name.               

Cause . . . . . :   Value '*NONE     ' contains characters that are not valid in a name or is a single value that was specified as part of a qualifier. A name must begin with an alphabetic character followed by alphanumeric characters, or if the value is a string of characters, it must be enclosed in quotation marks. 

Recovery  . . . :   Correct the name or specify the single value alone, then try the command again. More information on names can be found in the CL Reference manual. 


Release: K1EBAS04400-8.7-2E-400 Toolkit



This compile error is caused by *DTAARA YBRTPXA. The format of this changed as of 2E version 8.5.  If you do not use a post-compile exit program, then delete *DTAARA YBRTPXA.  After that you should not get the error 'CPD0078' in your resulting compile joblogs. 

If you DO want to use a post-compile exit program.  Copy YBRTPXAX from v8.7 (or v8.6) to a new version of YBRTPXA, or run YCRTY1DTA as this will also create a new version of YBRTPXA in your 2E Toolkit Data Objects library.