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A specific web interface page hangs and the problem is reproducible.


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This document explains how to troubleshoot JavaScript problems with htmpl forms.


This problem, if reproducible, may be a JavaScript problem.

This can be isolated further using the FireFox Error Console.
Open the FireFox web browser and replicate the problem.
Open the "Tools" menu and go to the "Error Console".
This should inform you where in the form, the JavaScript error is taking place.

This can also be done with Internet Explorer.
Open Internet Explorer, then the "Tools" menu, then options.
Under the "Advanced" tab make sure these options are not enabled:

Disable script debugging(Internet explorer)
Disable script debugging(others)

and make sure this one is enabled:

Display a notification about every script error

Next, "Apply" the settings changes, if any and re-open the browser.
Replicate the problem and you should get a prompt asking you if you want to "Debug".

Open a new IE browser window and replicate the problem.
IE also has the option of working with debuggers like Microsoft Script Debugger to get more information.

These types of problems, are usually the result of a recent customization or a failed patch installation.
Please note that Support will not help in debugging customizations that are not described explicitly in the Service Desk Modification Guide.

Should you need to open a Support issue, the following information would help them resolve your issue.

  1. NX_ROOT/<servername>.his file from every Service Desk server.

  2. NX_ROOT/site/mods folder from every Service Desk server.

  3. Run the following 2 commands and send Support the output (both will append to the same file):

    pdm_extract wspcol >> wsp.out
    pdm_extract wsptbl >> wsp.out

  4. A "View Source" of the page that has the problem.

  5. A Screenshot or other debug information concerning the JavaScript error.


Component: ARGIS