Message "AHD05454" in Service Desk Manager (SDM) ticket's Activities tab
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Message "AHD05454" in Service Desk Manager (SDM) ticket's Activities tab


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The use of Auto-Assign can lead to the message "AHD05454: Request NNN Assigned Assignee="" and Group="Group Name" within a Service Desk Manager (SDM) ticket's Activity tab. 



Service Desk Manager

All Supported Operating Systems


Strictly speaking, this is an informational message rather than an error.

A new NX.ENV variable, NX_AUTOASG_GROUP_ONLY, controls how the auto-assign functionality works.

When set to 1, this causes auto-assign to assign tickets to groups rather than individual analysts.

To revert the behavior back so that tickets are assigned to individual analysts, edit the NX_ROOT\NX.env file and change NX_AUTOASG_GROUP_ONLY from 1 to 0, then recycle the SDM services for the change to take effect.