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What is the recommended architecture for Service Desk r12?


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This document explains a basic recommended architecture for r12. You may not have all of these applications in your CA Service Desk r12 environment.


It is recommended to have separate servers for:

CA Service Desk Primary Server, which can host CA CMDB, CA EEM, CA Workflow


CA Business Intelligence

CA Business Intelligence Replicated MDB


It is required to have separate servers for:

CA Service Desk Secondary Servers

Note: In CA Service Desk r12, CA Workflow is a separate installer and as such can be installed either on the CA Service Desk Primary Server, or a CA Service Desk Secondary Server. You should consider this distributed architecture with EEM and CAWorkflow on a Service Desk Secondary Server if the anticipated server load for CA Workflow is going to be significant.

Note: FAST ESP and CA Business Intelligence cannot be installed on the same machine.

Note: If you install CA Service Desk and FAST ESP on the same computer, always start CA Service Desk services before FAST ESP services to avoid port conflicts.


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