Error: "HTTP 404 - /jasperserver-pro" After Starting Apache Service for JasperSoft When Configuring with LDAP Authentication


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The following error appears in jasperserver.log after configuring LDAP authentication in JasperReports and starting Apache Tomcat for JasperServer:

ERROR ContextLoader,localhost-startStop-1:331 - Context initialization failed
java.lang.RuntimeException: KeystoreManager.init was never called or there are errors instantiating an instance.
at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.crypto.KeystoreManager.getInstance(
at org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyResourceConfigurer.convertProperty(


The application is not finding the key files (jrsks and .jrsksp) causing the issue to occur.


JasperReports 6.2JasperReports 6.3


1) Stop Apache Tomcat Services for JasperReports

2) Go to Configure Tomcat (All Program > Apache Tomcat > Configure Tomcat) > Java tab

3) Add the following at the end:

-Duser.home=<home path of the user who run the js-ant gen-config command>

Example :

This is because the application is searching for the .jrsks and .jrsksp files located in Users\<Username>

4) Start Apache Tomcat Services and log into JasperReports using LDAP credentials

Additional Information

Configure CABI JasperReportsĀ® Server r6.2.0 to use LDAP