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DB2 tables store Chinese character data as Unicode ccsid. Is this supported by CA Easytrieve?


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The CA Easytreive product does not support UNICODE data type at present.


Please see:

The DB2 NEWFUN(YES) means that the SQL statements in the DBRM use Unicode UTF-8.

CCSID conversion of source programs: If the SQL statements of your source program are not in Unicode UTF-8, the DB2 Version 8 precompiler converts then to UTF-8 for parsing. The precompiler uses the source CCSID value to convert from that CCSID to CCSID 1208 (UTF-8). If you want to prepare a source program that is written in a CCSID that cannot be directly converted to or from CCSID 1208, you must create an indirected conversion. (For information about indirect conversions, see z/OS Support for Unicode).

Since CA Easytrieve does not support Unicode, CA Easytrieve cannot handle the data.


Release: EDBMSU00200-6.4-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU