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What is Multi-Tenancy?


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Information about Multi-Tenancy.


Multi-tenancy is the ability for multiple independent tenants to share a single implementation of Service Desk. Tenants cannot see or update each other's data; in fact, each tenant views the Service Desk implementation as solely for its own use. Multi-tenancy allows tenants to share hardware and application support resources, vastly reducing the cost of both, while gaining most of the benefits of an independent implementation.
The primary target for multi-tenancy is the outsourcing market, sites who use a single Service Desk to support a number of external clients who must be kept independent of each other. Prior to R12, these sites have used Service Desk's data partition feature to achieve tenant independence. However, data partitions do not provide all features required for multi-tenancy (such as independent notification and service types). In addition, they have proved ponderous to administer, as they must be set up separately for every database table.


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