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DXMANAGER: How can I automate Java console tracing?


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From time to time you may find it necessary to turn on Java Console tracing in order to debug DXmanager issues. You can activate the Java Console manually once you've started a new web browser and logged into DXmanager, or you can configure it to automatically start logging when the browser is started. This techdoc explains how to automatically configure the Java Console to start automatically.


Configuring Java Console Tracing Automatically

  1. Windows: On the DXmanager windows server, open the Windows control panel and double click on the "Java" icon. This will start the Java Control panel.

    UNIX/Linux: Open a command windows (as user root) and navigate to your JRE install's bin folder. example: /opt/java/jre1.6.0_07/bin. Run the Java Console by typing "./jcontrol".

    This will start the Java Control panel.

  2. Click the "Advanced" Tab

  3. Expand the "Debugging" group

  4. Select "Enable Tracing" & "Enable Logging"

  5. Optionally you can expand the "Java Console" group and select "Show Console".

  6. Shutdown all web browsers and click "OK" in the Java Control Panel to save the options.

  7. Restart the DXmanager session in a new web browser.

  8. Login to DXmanager as per normal.

  9. Once you've logged in and the Java Console has registered the initial actions, the Java console should appear (optional) and logging will commence to a new file.

Trace File Names

The names of the trace and log files are:

  • plugin<number>.trace
  • plugin<number>.log

where the <number> can be random e.g., plugin32696.trace or plugin32696.log

Trace File Locations

The default location (directory) of the trace and log files is:

  • UNIX/Linux: <user.home>/.java/deployment/log
  • Windows: <User Application Data Folder>\Sun\Java\Deployment\log

where <User Application Data Folder> is commonly configured to: C:\Documents and Settings\{logged in user}\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\log


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