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Siteminder ERP Agent V5.6 for SAP Web AS Error - "smwebas.home property not set"


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Upon initial installation and configuration of the ERP Agent for SAP Web AS, you may see the error, "smwebas.home property not set" in the SAP "security.log" file.


The Siteminder ERP Agent for SAP WebAS install guide does not adequately explain the need to set 'smwebas.home'. The "smwebas.home" setting at the 'server' level in your J2EE Config Engine (please note, if you accidentally placed this at the 'instance' level in the past, you may have two instances of "smwebas.home" and may be focusing on the incorrect one. The following is the manner in which the ERP Agent constructs the path:

"<smwebas.home value>" + "/" + "SmWebAsSSO.conf"

The specific syntax for setting this is as follows:


NOTE: In some environments, you may have configured Java options outside of the SAP J2EE Engine configuration. For instance, you may have a Java options environment variable for the user starting the SAP J2EE Engine. If this is the case, you may need to add the 'smwebas.home' parameter to the environment variable outside the SAP J2EE Engine.

Please see the following screenshot for the exact location 'smwebas.home' must be set within the SAP J2EE Engine:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


Component: SMSSW


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