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The ACC-DATE of a logonid is updated when a dataset with a matching high level qualifier (matches the logonid) is moved by DFDSS.


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A batch DFDSS job is moving datasets. When the high level qualifier (HLQ) of a dataset matches a logonid, then the ACC-DATE and ACC-TIME of the logonid record are updated even though that user has not logged on.


When datasets are allocated, SMS (DFSMS) issues a series of SAF calls (RACROUTE calls) to determine "ownership" of the dataset. One of these calls uses the high level qualifier (HLQ) to see if there is an associated userid (logonid) that "owns" the dataset. This type of call is an "info" call where the logonid is retrieved and an ACEE control block is built, even though the logonid is not actually logging on to the system, nor is it being used for system entry validation (i.e. USER= on JOB card). These types of "info" calls update the ACC-DATE (and ACC-TIME) because the logonid is being accessed.


Component: ACF2MS