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DBG70038E 2009-06-15 06:42:17 TOO MUCH SUMMARY DATA. REQUEST xxxxxxxx TERMINATED, is not documented in the Messages and Codes Manual.


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APAS Insight Monitor for Adabas PLEU



The error message DBG70038E TOO MUCH SUMMARY DATA was added to r5.1 by APAR R010061 to resolve a write loop situation when no INTERVAL is specified in a SUMMARIZE request. This error message is only displayed on CA APAS r5.1 systems with APAR R010061 applied.


CA APAS has determined a SUMMARIZE request has collected so much data that processing the data could result in a looping situation and has the potential to cause the MPM to become unresponsive to commands. The CA APAS Data Collector terminates the SUMMARIZE request to prevent any possible looping or hung situations of the MPM. The SUMMARIZE request should be modified to include an INTERVAL statement to cause a write of collected data and reset of the request before the amount of data collected becoming excessively large.


Component: APAS