How to format Numeric fields without commas in RC/Update
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How to format Numeric fields without commas in RC/Update


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RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS


Some RC/Update for Db2 for z/OS (RCU) users may require that numeric fields be displayed without commas and this value can be set for a given user or a group of users.

There are 3 methods where this value can be set:

  1. This value is initially controlled from highlevel.PARMLIB(DEFAULTS) member with variable RUCOMMA.

  2. RC/Update provides a PROFILE parameter to accomplish this.

  3. GLOBAL DEFAULTS - setting DEFAULTS(YES) in highlevel.PARMLIB(SETUPxx) member.


  1. Highlevel.PARMLIB(DEFAULTS) member
    In this member there is a parameter RUCOMMA that will format numerics with commas.
    RUCOMMA        (N)         /* Y - FORMAT WITH COMMAS 
                                          /* N - FORMAT WITHOUT COMMAS

  2. Within the RC/Update Main Menu, type PROFILE at the Command Line.
    Then select Option 3 - RC/Edit Profile Variables.
    Check the setting for the RC/Edit parameter "Format numerics with commas ==> N".

    This parameter indicates whether all numeric data should be formatted with commas;
    for example, 1,993 versus 1993.

    Values:        Y Yes. Format numeric data with commas.
                        N No (default.) Do not format numeric data with commas.

  3. Issuing the GLBLDEF command will allow you to set and display the GLOBAL DEFAULTS.
    You can use the GLBLDEF command to customize the global defaults Parmlib member (DEFAULTS) settings.
    You can use the GLBLDEF command to override settings in the DEFAULTS parmlib member for your own user ID or your department's user ID.
    The parameter "Format numerics with commas (Y or N)" needs to be set up and it could be set by an administrator at a higher level and will not be able to be override the value.