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After starting service desk on both primary and secondary following error message pops up. " cannot continue with mismatched checksums. What could be the reason for this error message to occur?


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


This error occurs if customizations are different on primary and secondary servers or between background and standby servers in an Advance Availability Environment.


Release: All versions
Component: CA Service Management


Following error message occurs when the services are recycled on both the primary and secondary (see Figure 1):

Figure 1:

This occurs when customizations on both the machines mismatch. Please ensure that the site/mods on both the machines are at sync.
To ensure if the files and folders are same, we may use Windiff tool to compare the directory structure and files.

Issue can also occur if there was a recent change made in Options Manager.  The NX.env files between the given servers do not match up correctly.

One should see if there is an older NX.env file that one can roll back to (there usually is an NX.env.last or NX.old file that can be accessed in the SDM install directory).

Also make sure across site directory and NX.env files that there is no "copy" file, such as "NX-copy.env" file.  A common mistake that happens when one is backing up a file is that one simply copies the given file in place, but Service Desk could potentially parse a "copy" file by mistake, causing this issue in this situation.