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After applying Cum Patch 2, request Change status changed to lookup. Prior to that it was a Drop down?


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After applying R11.2 Cumulative patches QO99892, QO99893 and QO99894 the below problem occurs:

The request_change_status.htmpl page has a status field which is a drop down usually but now its showing option for click and search i.e. a popup open and we have to search, earlier there was simple drop down and we could select the new status from there only.

Also, when I open that page in Web Screen Painter, it shows that the type of field is drop down but when we see that page in browser it shows as lookup?


For instance the total count of Status records that including both active and inactive is 19

The web.cfg variable 'SelListCacheMax' is set to 10 by default. In order to show a field as a dropdown, this web.cfg variable needs to be increased to more than the number of records the field contains including inactive records.

Edit the web.cfg and change the existing value
FROM: !SelListCacheMax 10
TO: SelListCacheMax 20

Restart the Servicedesk daemon service.

Note: If you have multiple webengines or secondary servers, this same change must be made in the web.cfg file for each and every webengine.


Component: ARGIS