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How to find out more information about authentication errors on ServiceDesk Reports tab?


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The ServiceDesk reports tab performs authentication to BOXI by validating the username and password provided. At times authentication errors are displayed.
This document provides a procedure to track down the cause for authentication errors.


In ServiceDesk when users click on Reports tab, the username and password is again authenticated by the sd.jsp file present under


At time authentication errors will occur and the reports are not displayed. To find the cause for the error message the sd.jsp file can be set to debug.

  1. Open the sd.jsp file present under \CommonReporting\Tomcat\webapps\businessobjects\enterprise115\desktoplaunch\opendoc folder
  2. Find the line boolean debug = false;
  3. Change the value to boolean debug = true;
  4. Save the file.

Now login to ServiceDesk and click on Reports tab. A series of pop ups with information are displayed. See Fig 1 to 4

Fig 1

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Figure 1

Fig 2

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Figure 2

Fig 3

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Figure 3

Fig 4

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Figure 4

The series of activities would help to understand the authentication process and place where the authentication fails. In this case the password is incorrect for the user in Enterprise.


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