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My PERIODTE CURRENT file is 290,000 records. Does that matter?  How is this file used?



The PERIODTE CURRENT keeps all the accepted costed z/VM accounting records until you CLOSE out the period with the PERIOD CLOSE command.

This allows you to keep only data online that has to do with the current period. If you are not using the costed records and not closing the period, the PERIODTE CURRENT will continually grow until it fills up the 1B0 disk. When this occurs, VM:Account can no longer process the new accounting records being sent to it. These records can be lost while they are residing in spool files and not processed by VM:Account.

If you aren't using the costed records, you should close the PERIOD periodically to keep the 1B0 from filling up. If possible, close monthly. This will allow you to keep a months data together for future use and reference. This data can be archived for later use. Periodic closing will keep you from having to take more drastic measures when the 1B0 disk fills up. It is much more difficult to do PERIOD close processing when the 1B0 is already full.


Additional Information:

For customers actually using the costed records, they would close the period out once a month then run the report utilities against the closed data to produce required monthly reports.


Release: VMACCL55400-1.7-VM:Account