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Maintenance: Job cleanup time


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Is there a way to keep the software delivery jobs which are displayed under Jobs->Software Jobs for about a month for monthly audits?



All versions of Client Automation



By default successful software delivery jobs are deleted after 10 days.

This can be changed by configuring the following policy:

Control Panel->Configuration Policy->Default Computer Policy->DSM->Software Delivery->Manager->Maintenance: Job cleanup time

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Figure 1


This policy identifies the number of hours a job that has executed successfully will be displayed in a Job container.

The default value is 240 hours (10 days). Increase this value to 720 to retain the job history for 30 days.


***Note: Setting the value to 0 could have the consequence that you will not directly see the result of a successful job, since it will be deleted immediately after executing. Renewed jobs are not covered by this cleanup; they remain.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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