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Admin Returns the following error when creating accounts: RACF MANAGER PROCESSING ENDED DUE TO ERROR. RETURN CODE = 40


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When attemtping to create an account through Admin on a RACF system, the following error is returned:
ETA_E_0016<AAC>, Account for Global User 'XXXX' on RACF Directory 'XXXX' creation failed: :ETA_E_0004<AAC>, RACF Userid 'XXXX' on 'XXXX' creation failed: RAC Dispatcher Add failed: ICH51011I RACF MANAGER PROCESSING ENDED DUE TO ERROR. RETURN CODE = 40


Return Code = 40: The maximum profile size (65,535 bytes) has been reached;
the profile cannot be expanded.
Edit the role to point to a new group profile. The current group has reached it's maximum size (65,535 bytes) and will no longer accept additions.


Component: ETRADM