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How to execute GRLoader from a remote system that does not have CA CMDB installed?


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When running GRLoader, sometimes the need to run from a remote location may arise.  The following instructions describe how to accomplish this task.


Component: ARGIS



  1. Ensure that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.0 or higher is installed and available.
  2. Copy the contents of the %NX_ROOT%\java\lib directory from the CA CMDB system to a directory on the remote system that you want to run it on. This directory will be called the %ROOT% system.
  3. Create directory %ROOT%\java\lib
  4. Move all of the jar files under %ROOT% to %ROOT%\java\lib
  5. Create a file called NX.ENV in the %ROOT% directory:
    @NX_LOG=path_which_will_contain log files
  6. Create directory %ROOT%\site\cfg
  7. Create directory %ROOT%\log
To run GRLoader from the remote system, execute the following command:
java -cp %ROOT%/java/lib -jar %ROOT%/java/lib/GRLoader.jar -N %ROOT% -u [userid] -s [server] -i [other GRLoader options]

%ROOT% is the fully qualified path containing the files that were copied in Step 2.

Example command (%ROOT% = C:/grloadtest)
java -Xmx512M -cp C:/grloadtest/java/lib -jar C:/grloadtest/java/lib/GRLoader.jar -N C:/grloadtest -u user1 -p Password1 -s http://SERVER:8080 -E -i C:\grloadtest\load\input1.csv -sss input1sheet -aer yes -a