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What is the easiest way of grouping applications and giving users access to only the groups they require?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



This document describes the diffferent methods available to presenting a user with a group of applications (or sessions) on their main TPX menu.


Applications are grouped into profiles. First find out which sessions different users or group of users need. Then group the appropriate sessions into TPX profiles. The easiest way to group applications would be to assign specific profiles to specific users. However, you can set the SMRT to allow dynamic users. There are several variations on how TPX can manage dynamic users. You can use a combination of the following:

  1. Specify a default profile in the SMRT.

    • You can specify a profile name in the Default Profile field of the System Options Table (SMRT). The profile specified in this field will be assigned to dynamic users when they sign on.

    • For procedures for modifying the SMRT, see the Administrator Guide.

  2. Specify ADDPROFs in a Signon/Signoff user exit.

    • You can write a signon/signoff exit that uses ADDPROFs to assign profiles to dynamic users when they sign on. Dynamic users are sent to the Get Profile (GETPROF) call point 20 of the signon user exit.

    • For information on using the signon/signoff exit, see the Systems Programmer Guide chapter "Setting Up User Exits."

  3. Specify information in the security system to perform user-level or profile-level profile selection.
    • User-level selection involves specifying information in the user record that will allow the security system to determine which profiles can be assigned to the user.
    • Profile-level selection involves specifying rules in the security system that will allow the security system to determine which profiles can be assigned to which users.

If you do not want to use dynamic users, you can define static users and assign one or more TPX profiles to each of them. This can be done easily in TPX batch .


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