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I am an analyst with multiple roles assigned. However, I can't see the changes of any of the role scoreboard customizations. Why?


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This is a FAQ that raised by many Service Desk users and this tech doc provides an answer so the Service Desk administrators would know what to do.


This is because the analyst customized his own scoreboard. Once an analyst customizes his own scoreboard, any changes of the role scoreboard customizations will not apply to his web scoreboard anymore.

To remove the analyst's own customizations so he can see the role customizations again, Service Desk administrator would need to do the following:

  • on the Service Desk primary server do

    pdm_extract User_Query > backupusq.txt

    and make sure to keep the output file backupusq.txt safe as this is the backup of the records we are

    going to change.

  • do the following to get the uuid of the analyst

    pdm_extract -f "select id from ca_contact where userid='XXXXX'"

    where XXXXX is the userid of the analyst.

  • do

    pdm_extract -f "select * from User_Query where obj_persid='cnt:uuid'" > the-analyst.txt

    where uuid is the uuid number from the step above. then

    pdm_load -r -f the-analyst.txt

    pdm_cache_refresh -t User_Query

  • now have the analyst log out and then log back into web interface and he should see all the role customizations now.


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