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Connection to server closed: Connection timed-out or server stopped [SDM000021]


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The following error occurs while trying to open the DSM Explorer either on a remote machine or directly on the server:

Connection to server closed: Connection timed-out or server stopped (or, less probable, network problem) [SDM000021]


In SQL Server, set the option on database to 'AUTO GROW enabled' for Data & log file.

Grant the 'Administrator' group Full Control permissions on the Object Class "Manager".

  • In the DSM Explorer go to the Security Menu->Security Profiles
  • In the Security Profiles Window->Select 'Built-in Administration Group'
  • Click the 'Class Permissions' button.
  • In the Class permissions window check if all 'Object Class' are given Full Control permissions.

You can also increase the 'SMtimeout' of the console via the following policy on the Domain Manager:
Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration Policy->Default Computer Policy->DSM->Admin Console->Session Messaging timeout.
Set this to 600.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence